Free Guide: How to Get Administrators On Board With School Recycling

Including what to say and the benefits to schools.

Want to get leadership to buy into a school recycling program? Check out this free guide! It includes tips to help you explain your vision, including benefits to your school. You’ll also find useful forms and other documents.


School Recycling Plan Starter Checklist


Take these first steps to start the process of learning how recycling works in your community. This helps prepare you to bring others on board with your new program.


  • Check to see if your school, city, or state has sustainability/zero waste goals
  • Familiarize yourself with the benefits of a school recycling program
  • Be able to explain how sponsored school recycling programs such as Recycle Rally can benefit your school
  • Research what kind of recycling resources are available in your community
  • Identify potential partners within the school (PTA, janitorial, willing teachers, etc.)
  • Request a meeting with your principal (or other key decision maker)


A Conversation With Your Principal


Here are some questions you’ll want to ask when you talk with a principal or administrator. The goal is to sell the value of a recycling program, and find out what you’ll need to make it happen.


  • What would you envision as an ideal recycling program at our school?
  • What steps would we need to take to implement a recycling program?
  • Which other stakeholders in the district need to be engaged to make this initiative successful?
  • What are the primary barriers you would expect to encounter?
  • Who do you think some champions would be?
  • How can I (as parent/teacher/community member) help you to make this happen? What next steps do you recommend?

Check out the complete guide below for more details and information. Plus, get inspired by reading about how these school leaders created a schoolwide recycling program!

Guide to Involving Administrators

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