How To Promote Your School Recycling Program

Clever ideas for getting the word out.

Spread the word about your school’s Recycle Rally program! Use these ideas to reach students, faculty, staff, parents, and the community. They’ll help you promote your school recycling program and make sure it’s a success.


Get the Word Out: Promote Your School Recycling Program


Host a kickoff event. Get others excited about recycling! Check out the Kickoff Event Guide for ideas.


Build a Green Team. These dedicated students can help with recycling. The Green Team guide has lots of tips.


Hang signs. Post signs above recycling bins, in visible places around your school, or at local community hangouts. Get free printable signs here.


Make a pledge board. Have students post their personal recycling pledges.


Create an anchor chart. Ask an open-ended question and compile unique responses.


Create custom materials. Use your school mascot, colors, etc., as inspiration.


Share goals and progress. Give updates via your school newsletter, website, and morning announcements!


Share a recycling infographic. Visit the Recycle Rally Pinterest page for tons of ideas!


Be creative! Introduce a fun song, catchphrase, or call-and-response to help everyone remember to recycle.


Use social media. You can do this through your school’s account or by creating a new account or group. Try these social media tips!


Prepare a 30-second “elevator speech.” Example: “Recycle Rally at Meadowbrook Elementary can improve the lives of our students and the quality of their education by fully engaging them in a hands-on learning experience.”


Engage with parents. Walk the car line and encourage them to recycle.


Set and track goals. Use the goal-setting and tracking tools in your online account. Sample goals:

  • Achieving a YY% participation rate among students
  • Earning enough reward points to have a party
  • Recycling more than any other school in the district
  • Recycling XX% more than last year
  • Offsetting a percentage of our carbon footprint

Display a scorecard. Involve students in filling it in as you chart progress. Print a free scorecard here.


Visit the Recycle Rally Resource Library for tons of free downloadable resources!


Real Talk on Ways to Promote a School Recycling Program


Star schools share their ideas for getting the word out!


“At lunch the principal and vice principal give high fives to those who drop in a can or bottle. (It is amazing how many like the high five.)” –Delk-Henson Intermediate School


“Posting things about the Recycle Rally on the school’s unofficial Facebook page is helpful, especially when people share the posts with others in the community.” –Hilltop Elementary


“We keep a ‘Go Green!’ school bulletin board that tallies the amount each class recycles.” –Sherman Avenue Elementary


“We sent home a recycling homework assignment. Students who reported recycling beverage containers from home received a pencil made from recycled materials.” –Heubner Elementary School


“I make it a big deal by getting the students to enjoy recycling. I will say ‘Ever since birth’ and the students yell ‘I help the Earth!’ It’s a big deal to students when it’s a big deal to a teacher that has a good relationship with those students. Making it fun and visually memorable with signs, posters, and reminders are key.” –Roy Campanella Occupational Training Center

Get the Word Out

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