Hold a School Recycling Contest Using Recycle Rally Sub-Accounts

Have a competition within your school.

Did you know you can set up Recycle Rally sub-accounts so that you can easily host a school recycling contest? Allow various groups to track and win rewards! Sub-accounts might include your school’s sports team vs. sports team, different classrooms and grade levels, school clubs, academic departments, classroom wings or lunch period vs. lunch period. Here’s how to set them up.


1. Set up sub-accounts to represent different groups in your school.


After logging in to your account, go to the dashboard on the left and click on ADD/EDIT SUB ACCOUNT.


Screenshot of PepsiCo Recycle Rally account page showing how to set up sub-accounts (School Recycling Contest)


Click on ADD NEW SUB-ACCOUNT and when the screen opens fill in all appropriate information, and click SUBMIT.


Screen shot from PepsiCo Recycle Rally account page showing how to set up subaccount


2a. Each sub account holder can log in with their email address and password and report recycling activity.


Screenshot from PepsiCo Recycle Rally account showing how to report recycling totals (School Recycling Contest)



2b. Alternatively, the Recycle Rally leader can credit sub-accounts with their recycling activity.


Screenshot from Recycle Rally account showing how to report recycling for sub-accounts


3. View your leaderboard and enjoy competing!


After logging in, scroll down to the school leaderboard and click on FULL SCHOOL LEADERBOARD.


Recycle Rally screenshot showing school sub-accounts


School Recycling Contest Tips


There are so many ways you can use a school recycling contest to inspire action among students. Here are some tips from real Recycle Rally schools.


  • “We have used ice cream parties, candy/cookies as incentives. Our school’s positive behavior program also gives tickets to students to earn things in the school store.” (Pine Forest High School)
  • “The person with the greatest total will be crowned king or queen of recycling, complete with crown or tiara and plaque.” (Sandalwood High School)
  • Let the winners decide how to spend your Recycle Rally points. “We used prizes for recycling rallies and Earth Day events. Whether we are in-person or remote, our school is still able to earn money in the form of gift cards. We purchased medals, trophies, and school supplies!” (Vernon Middle School)

In addition to the rewards you can earn using your Recycle Rally points, you can also use our free printables as incentives.


Plus, learn how to make a trophy from a plastic bottle. It’s the perfect prize for contest winners!

How to Set Up an Intra-School Contest

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