These 21 Recycling Games Help Kids Learn the Value of Being Green

Try one to teach your students about the importance of recycling.

These 21 Recycling Games Help Kids Learn the Value of Being Green


Ready to get your students excited about recycling? Try one of these hands-on recycling games, and get ready to laugh and learn!


Turn Your Bins Into Game Centerpieces


These recycling games make your recycling bin the center of all the fun!


1. Hoop It Up


Add a basketball backboard and shoot to score!


2. Touchdown for Recycling


Tap into your school spirit during football season, and try a football-themed game.


3. Trick Shots


Get creative with endless recycling trick shots. Try out the trick shots from this video, or invent your own!


4. Bottle Toss


Partner up and toss to see who can score the most points.


5. Recycle & Roll


Roll the dice and jump, hop, wiggle, crawl, leap, or gallop to the bin.


6. Hop to It


Tape or draw a hopscotch court in front of a bin for a fun way to recycle!


7. Giant Recycle Drop


Go big with attention-grabbing games!  Try Giant Recycle Drop, or use your imagination to create larger-than-life versions of favorite games.


8. Do a Little Dance


Celebrate the moment with a fun dance move while you drop each bottle into your bin. Borrow from the latest moves that are trending in your school or create your own routine. Learn some cool moves here.


Have a Recycling Field Day


Make a day of it, and get everyone involved with a little friendly competition. Try these recycling games and activities, then make an upcycled trophy for the winners!


9. Recycling Relay Race


Ready. Set. Go! Team up students for a relay for recycling. Teams race against each other and the clock to fill up recycling bins.


10. Ring Toss With Bottles


On a tabletop, set up a small recycling bin or box containing plastic bottles filled with water. Students can “step right up” to toss their rings to win a prize.


11. Bowling With Recyclables


Transform a section of your playground into a bowling alley. Set up groups of ten cans or bottles and see which team can get the best score!


12. Bottle Flip Relay


Teams can relay race each other to flip their empty bottles into recycling bins. Make them stand a few feet away from their bins for an added challenge!


13. Recycling Bag/Sack Race


A twist on the traditional sack race! Use recycling bags to add a challenge to see who can hop to the finish line first!


14. Recycling Obstacle Course


Create an outdoor recycling course and try to beat the clock!


In The Classroom


Expand knowledge and awareness to make recycling games the focal point of a fun challenge!


15. Recycling Bingo


Recycle Rally Bingo Cards


A classic game that’s always fun! The first one who fills a row on their card gets to yell “Bingo!” Get the free printable game here.


16. Take a Recycling Quiz

Are you a recycling master? Do you know what goes in each bin? Take the quiz and find out!


17. Guess How Many

Fill up a jar, bag, or bin with recyclables, and see who can most accurately guess the quantity or weight. Learn more here.


18. Longest Line

Assign various groups of students to collect non-alcoholic bottles and cans for a whole week. Have each group lay them end-to-end in a line around the room or down a hallway to see which line is the longest. Add a twist by asking them to engineer a way to balance and stack their recyclables into a tall or interesting structure.


19. Recycling Game Show


Quiz Show Recycling Game board


Play this trivia game show that tests your students’ recycling knowledge. Download it here.


20. Recycle Sort

Help students identify recyclable materials with this recycle sort game! You can also print pictures of various recyclable and non-recyclable materials and see who can match them to the right bins. Get the free printable game here.


21. Decoration Derby

Give students an hour to design and construct or decorate a recycling bin. At the end of the time, hold a vote to see which one was the favorite.


Inspiration is Everywhere!


The students from Torres Elementary school thought big and had fun! They celebrated their end-of-year Recycle Rally results by creating a life-size board game. In the tradition of a popular classic game, they used bags of recyclable materials as tokens and created the game board with paint and chalk. The board wrapped around the school’s courtyard, and, as students ‘moved’, they could land on the opportunity to draw chance and treasure box cards to win prizes. Read more about their game here.

Games to Make Recycling Fun

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